Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy Fourth of July

We usually try not to tell Jackson about upcoming events until the day before because his little brain doesn't seem to be able to process anything longer than "tomorrow" (this is progress; we used to not be able to tell him anything until the actual day of the event). But last Sunday Uncle Will let it slip to Jackson that we were going boating for the Fourth of July. Thus, our week went something like this:

Monday: Jackson wakes up and says in a sleepy voice, "Boat today?"

Tuesday: We pick Jackson up at school and he says, "All done school! Now, BOAT!"

Wednesday: As we drive Jackson to school, he says, "NOOOO! No school! Boat!"

Thursday: Jackson repeatedly asks us all day, "Boat tomorrow? First nap, then boat?"

Friday (4th of July): The clock has barely struck six when Jackson opens one sleepy eye and exclaims, "BOAT!"

So when the big day finally arrived, we were all pretty jazzed. Jackson even cooperated with putting on sunscreen (a first for him this summer). When we finally got to Uncle Will's house and saw the boat, Jackson said proudly, "My boat! My boat!" This is a picture of him in his cute little swim trunks and water shoes, ready to go:

Boating in Beachtown is a lot of fun. There are tons of little creeks and rivers to explore. Plus, you can go out into the harbor and see the bridges, shipping terminals and other fun sites. It seems to be easier to get around Beachtown by boat than by car. Being safety-minded folks, we decided that only sober people should drive the boat. Unfortunately, that didn't leave too many options:

Now we just need to teach him to launch the boat, and we'll be all set...

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