Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Jackson's aunt and uncle gave him this really cool Geotrax train set last Christmas. It came with three inch-tall people that are supposed to ride on the train. About a week after we got the set, Jackson held up one of the people and announced, "Daddy!" with a huge smile on his face. After examining the little man, I had to admit that he does, in fact, look a lot like Matt...right down to the laptop and Starbucks coffee. Daddy is accompanied by two friends: Sally (creatively named by me) and Man (creatively named by Jackson).
Jackson makes sure that Sally and Daddy take turns driving the train and often scolds them if he feels they aren't sharing ("Time out Daddy!"). Sadly, Man doesn't seem to get much opportunity to drive and is typically relegated to riding in the freight car if he gets to ride at all. Matt actually doesn't find his namesake to be as hilarious as I do. I think he's holding out a secret hope that we will rename Daddy someday, but it's not going to happen on my watch!

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Inafets said...

I have to laugh about this. Braylon has the same set, and he calls the people Mommy, Daddy, and Uncle Austin. Daddy with the computer (definitely my DH) Mommy with the blond hair, and Uncle Austin the conductor(Funny because Uncle Austin and Daddy both work for the railroad on the trains). He likes to put Mommy and Daddy on the track and Uncle Austin runs them over. He then says. "Oh no! Poor Mommy! Poor Daddy!" and gives them kisses. Ahhh the joys of 2 1/2 year old little boys.

-from a fellow Jan 06 BBC momma