Friday, July 11, 2008


One of Jackson's favorite activities is watching videos on YouTube. If you are a fan of this blog (I like to flatter myself and imagine that there are AdvancedPsychology fans out there), you can guess the general types of videos we watch: trains, airplanes, buses, trains, garbage trucks etc. If I'm lucky he picks Mr. Potato Head or laughing baby videos. Anyway, I wanted to share a video that has totally captured us. It's completely silly and random, but somehow quite charming and moving. In typical toddler fashion, Jackson and I watched it five times today. If you are one of the few people left who hasn't already seen it, it's called Where the Hell is Matt (2008). Make sure you watch it in High Quality. Prepare to be awed.

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Anna said...

That video is awesome! Christopher just found a new favorite, he usually just watches short clips of himself! =0)