Friday, July 25, 2008

Our First Date

Ok, so maybe he didn't pay for me, and maybe his table manners leave something to be desired, but my first date with Jackson was still pretty cool. Matt was out of town, so Jackson and I went to our favorite fine dining establishment: IHOP (apparently they serve dinner too - who knew?). Jackson ordered his usual (pancakes and eggs) and ate the whole thing. The little camel probably won't eat again for three days. I ordered a salad, but don't be impressed by my health-consciousness. I have a feeling that layering fried chicken, cheese, bacon and honey mustard on top of spinach doesn't get me any credit in this regard. Like any date, Jackson tried to impress me with his knowledge. He proudly announced, "uno dos tres quatro cinco eleven twelve thirteen seventeen eighteen!" in the middle of our meal. When I told him that he didn't have school tomorrow because it was the weekend, he told me, "today Friday!" I almost choked on my fried salad because I was so excited. Definitely makes me think that all that dough we blow on daycare just might be worth it. It was a good date. I think I see a second one in our future.

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