Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fire Truck! Fire Truck!

I know that research has shown that some elements of "gender" are actually genetically hard wired, but actually having my own little boy has proven this idea beyond a doubt to me. Jackson, for no explicable reason other than biology (I promise his Mommy and Daddy are not particularly mechanical), is enamoured with trucks, tractor, airplanes, and pretty much anything with an engine. So I knew that today's birthday party would be a big hit. The birthday party was held at .....a FIREHOUSE! It was pretty cool. They let the kids get up and explore the trucks and pretend to drive. They gave them a tour of the firehouse, and then they got to have cake and ice cream in the engine bay. Here are a few pictures of Jackson enjoying the trucks:

They also had a jump castle in case the kids got tired of exploring the firetrucks, but our little firefighter had no interest in this kind of child's play. He tolerated it about as long as it took me to snap this picture, and then he headed back to the shiny red firetrucks.

We knew it was time to say Adios when Jackson's demands escalated from sitting in the driver's seat to, "start engine" and "drive firetruck." Hey, you can't blame a kid for trying, right?

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