Saturday, July 19, 2008

Life in Our House

I thought about calling this post "Psychologists: We're Just like Everyone Else, Just a Little Bit Lamer" but decided that was too negative to put in the table of contents. Anyway, this is a direct transcript of a conversation that took place at our dinner table a couple of nights ago:

Jackson: Quietly eating pizza (you need to know that neither the quiet part nor the eating part is typical behavior for Jackson in order to understand what happened next...)

Matt: "Wow Jackson! I really like the way you are sitting quietly and eating your pizza! Great job!"

Me (without a trace of irony): "Wow Matt! That was great labeling of praise!"

Both: Wince....awkward silence while we ponder the total and complete lameness of this reinforcement of reinforcement...

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Carol Beth said...

LOL--just finished catching up on your blog--each post funnier than the last!