Saturday, June 14, 2008

World's Best Neighbors

We have the World's Best Neighbors. Seriously. I almost don't want to tell you about them because you might try to buy our house and frankly we can't afford to move. When I had Jackson just a couple of months after moving in, they showed up with gifts and dinners. When we gave them a card for Christmas, they showed up with a bag of Christmas treats. When I learned my lesson and made them bread the following Christmas, they bought Jackson, Matt and I each individual gifts, plus they gave us a gift for the whole family. When I made them cookies because one of them had surgery, my gift tin got returned....full of even better cookies. When we go on vacation they get our mail and water our plants...even when we haven't asked them to. Ok, so sometimes it is a bit weird, but they are still the Best. So, you would think that the World's Best Neighbors couldn't do anything more, until they gave Jackson the World's Best Toy....

Jackson calls this his "green car" and rides it pretty much every day. He thinks it can only be driven on the driveway, so Matt and I relax in lawn chairs while he goes through endless rounds of the "travel game." This fun toddler invention entails him screaming "Bye Bye! Have a good trip! Bon Voyage!"and then scooting around the driveway and then returning and saying "Welcome Back! Have a good trip?" Good times.

In case you are wondering, Matt assuages our guilt at having the World's Best Neighbors by mowing their front lawn. It's the least we can do.

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