Saturday, June 14, 2008

Family Photos

We got all of Jackson's cousins together last weekend, and my mother-in-law "Nana" begged us to get a beautiful picture of all the children together. You might think that this was a reasonable request until you hear the ages of the models: 1, 2, 2, 3, and 6. Now, just getting five children and six adults dressed and ready to take pictures is quite an achievement. After at least an hour of showers, diaper changes, spills, and waking up of napping children, we finally got the whole crowd together. It was going to be everything Nana dreamed of...until the 3 year old decided that he was NOT GOING TO GET HIS PICTURE TAKEN! With a capitol NO! Thus, our pictures look like this (that's the back of his head in my arms on the far right):

Since we didn't think this was quite what my mother-in-law envisioned, we decided to shamelessly bribe the troops with Popsicles. Unfortunately, getting five children eating Popsicles to focus on anything but the Popsicle turned out to be close to impossible, and Jackson decided that it was much more fun to stand in the wobbly chair and drip on the rest of the kids then to do anything else.

 you go Nana! It's not a perfect family, but it's yours!

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