Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Germany Flag

Jackson goes to a full time daycare (or "School" as we prefer to call it; it makes us feel less guilty for some reason) while Matt and I work. In his Walker class (which comes after the Crawler class, and before the Twos class), each week has a theme, and each day has a focus related to the theme. So if the weekly theme is Colors, the focus might be red, blue, or green. A weekly theme of Sea Life might include days on whales, sharks, and seahorses. We usually get cute flashcards related to the weekly theme and the kids do related art projects. It's all very cute. So we were rather surprised to get this last week:Yes, you read that right. The theme of the week was GERMANY. The daily themes included Germany, The "Germany Flag", German Cornucopia, and German. Random? Perhaps. Hilarious? Totally.

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