Sunday, June 22, 2008

Potty Training: Day 1

Our first day of potty training was thwarted by the Mars Corporation. Let me explain. Being bookish, academic types, Matt and I spent at least a week preparing for potty training using the book Toilet Training in Less Than a Day. We studied the book carefully, took notes, and purchased everything they suggested, right down to the M&Ms, which eventually proved to be our downfall. Jackson, unaccustomed to such gourmet items as M&Ms, became completely preoccupied with them within five seconds of starting training. The "teaching questions" went like this:

"Jackson, where do you pee pee?" "M&Ms!"

"Jackson, do you pee pee in your pants?" "M&Ms!"
"Jackson, the potty doll is wet! Oh no!" "M&Ms!"

"Jackson, are your pants wet or dry?" "M&Ms, M&Ms, M&Ms...waaaaaahhhhh!"

We did have some successes. He peed in the potty several times. He even spontanesouly used the toilet at a party at my boss' house (we put him in a diaper for the party - I'm not crazy) that afternoon after he saw a little girl go. Here's a picture of him scooting away in his new Thomas underpants:

Despite the promises of the book, he was not anywhere near potty trained by naptime. He did gleefully anounce, "I pee pee! M&M!" while standing in the middle of our kitchen. Maybe we should have used raisins.

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