Sunday, June 15, 2008

No Thank You

Jackson has a favorite game. It's called the "No Thank You" game. It's not very complicated. Basically it involves him offering you a bite of food. When you open your mouth wide to take the food, he takes it back, stuffs it in his mouth, and gleefully says, "No thank you!" Then he laughs hysterically while you pretend to pout or cry. This is a pretty funny game over all, and generally makes us all laugh. The only problem is that once in a while he decides to be generous and actually gives you a bite of the offered food. This typically involves a piece of already chewed food that has been dipped into something disgusting. Today I opened wide, fully expecting to have an unidentifiable piece of food swiped away, and instead I received a piece of cold soggy waffle covered in chunks of cottage cheese and smeared in banana. I'm still trying to gag back mini-throw ups. I don't think Bobby Flay has anything to worry about.

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