Friday, September 5, 2008

Sleepy Time

The other day Jackson was having a great time pretending to put Matt to bed. He covered him with his blanket, gave him his special bear, and turned on the "birds" (the little blue crib toy on the left side of the picture). In this picture he has a book and is pretending to read to Matt. This little scene probably wouldn't have been blog-worthy if it was not for the scene below, which happened a couple of days later. Jackson woke up cranky after a long nap and Matt lay down on the floor to comfort him for a few minutes. The next thing he knew, he was completely trapped by almost 30 pounds of snoozing 2 year old. One of the million reasons why I love him: he actually stayed on the floor like this for at least 15 minutes before succumbing to the pain and getting up.

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Carol Beth said...

What a SWEET daddy!!!