Sunday, September 7, 2008

My Bear! My Bear!

Jackson has recently discovered the concept of "mine." I'm not really sure what took him so long, being a daycare kid and all. Anyway, he walks around the house pointing at things and happily announcing, "My door!", "My closet!", "My chair!", etc. If you don't immediately affirm that the objects is indeed his, he will add, "JACKSON'S DOOR!" for emphasis, just in case you didn't completely understand that it's his...allllllll his.

In recent weeks, his trusty old Bear (who has literally traveled the world with us) has become My Bear. His new game is to have My Bear do whatever you've told HIM to do. Tell Jackson to go potty, and My Bear goes potty instead. Tell Jackson to get dressed, and My Bear gets dressed instead. In this picture My Bear is wearing the shirt that I picked out for Jackson for a visit to his grandparent's house (I had to put a back up on Jackson instead).

My Bear! My Bear!
My Bear getting ready to go visit Nana and Papap for the day
(we fastened him in)
Adjusting My Bear's seat belt

Even though he thinks that everything belongs to him, he seems happy to share it all with us for now. I wonder when that ends?

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