Saturday, August 16, 2008

Jackson's Photo Album

I just had to show off this cute little "photo album" that Jackson and I made of his trip to the beach:Ok, I actually made it by myself at 10:00 at night while cursing at my glue dot dispenser, which chose that exact moment (the night before Jackson had to return to school) to jam up. It's just a folded piece of photo paper with pictures and stickers glued to each of the four sides. I made it so that he could bring pictures of his trip to show his daycare class and teachers, but he has really enjoyed looking at it since then too:

It's certainly not the masterpiece my mom would have made (sometime I'll have to blog about her homemade books) , but on the other hand if it gets messed up it's not a big deal since it's just photos, paper and stickers.

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Special K said...

That's so cute! My kids love those baby albums where you insert photos- they love looking at all our family members. What a great way to let him go back to school!