Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Fish Saga

Because Jackson has more toys than we can reasonably fit in our house, I wanted to find something else to get him for his birthday. Matt and I decided on a fish, because he loves the movie Finding Nemo, and he gets really excited whenever we see a fish tank. We bought this cute little Finding Nemo tank for about $35, which I thought was a pretty good deal, and put a blue (Jackson's favorite color) Betta fish into it.

Jackson was pretty jazzed about his fish, which he named "Blue". Unfortunately (but predictably I believe) the next morning, the fish was DEAD. We quickly scooped him out of the tank on the way out of the house, and picked up another blue Betta on the way home from work. We were convinced that Jackson would never know the difference...except that when we put the new fish into the tank, it was RED! I really don't know how this happened. The funny part is that Jackson didn't seem to notice that "Blue" was now red. Blue2 lasted approximately three days longer than Blue1. When I went to PetSmart to discuss the fact that we clearly are fish murderers, the girl (same one who helped me pick out the system, by the way - I'll save my rant about PetSmart for another day) informed me that Bettas don't like filtered tanks. Apparently they prefer to live in tiny dirty fish bowls? Whatever. So now we have two tiny guppies and a really cute frog, which we have managed not to kill yet, but it's only been a week.

I'll be headed to another pet store today (NOT Petsmart) to drop a week's salary on tank care accessories. I'd be bitter about this whole sage except I have to admit that I am a little in love with our tiny frog.


Special K said...

I thought about getting Sylvie the mermaid version for her bday and also asked which fish it supported. Apparently the tank only works for very few fish, so someday we'll go to the real fish store, get a real tank, and find a mremaid toy in for good measure. Happy Birthday Jackson!!!!!!

Laura said...

Yes! Go to a real fish store and get good advice before you invest. I'm happy we got the tank (I actually am really enjoying it!), but we've ended up spending double the amount (at least!) of the original "all inclusive" kit because there was so much it didn't include. I can't tell you how much bad advice I got at PetSmart! I never mourned the extinction of small family owned stores until this experience...