Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Carnival

They had a cute little Halloween Carnival in our neighborhood last weekend. All the kids dressed up in costumes and they had jump castles (which Jackson calls "jump casicles"), face painters, balloon animals, firetrucks to climb on, and more. Jackson wasn't too keen on wearing his costume, even though he was supposed to be a fire truck, and fire trucks are pretty much his favorite thing in the world. I told him that he wouldn't get any candy at the Halloween Carnival if he wasn't dressed up, so he grudgingly put his costume on. Let me ask you this: Would you ever considering having a Halloween carnival WITHOUT candy? Apparently someone would, because this was a candy free zone. Nary a Candy Corn nor a Sweetart could be found anywhere. Jackson wandered through the crowds of princesses and scarecrows and spidermen saying sadly, "Where candy? Where candy?" I finally gave in and let him have a bag of popcorn (choking hazard) because I felt so bad. As a consolation, we went home and carved a pumpkin together (and by we, I mean Matt).

Jackson was pretty excited about the "Scary" pumpkin

He was even more excited when we showed him how it can light up

Jackson giving the scary pumpkin a kiss

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